Top 5 Lawyer Traits

There are several things to take in to account when intending to hire a lawyer for personal or professional services. These traits can be the difference between taking on a capable and competent lawyer and having a less than satisfactory one providing you with their services.

The first trait to consider is the lawyer’s availability. No one enjoys being on the receiving end of an empty phone call. What’s even worse is when a lawyer is unavailable to discuss the most important details of your case and seemingly unreachable by any means. A good lawyer will always be available to be contacted on a regular basis. No matter the workload, a good lawyer will follow strict policies to keep you updated on your case. Select a lawyer that can agree to respond to all of your phone calls and enquiries within a few business days.

The second trait to bear in mind when hiring a lawyer is to understand how much knowledge they have in their field of expertise. Of course every officially sanctioned lawyer must possess a law degree from an accredited law school and have passed the state bar in order to practice in the field of law, but this shouldn’t be the end of their knowledge base. A good lawyer will keep up to date with current and changing laws, remain intuitive and active in the subject of law and be able to provide this knowledge to their clients when required.

The third trait is to consider how much experience the lawyer has. There will be situations where a very able lawyer has just graduated and gained their qualifications and is on the path of experience, but what about the lawyers that have served in cases for years, if not decades? A Lawyer’s specialities generally fall in to one of a few topics; business, personal injury, criminal, modern law, among others. Make sure to select a lawyer with specific experience to your case.

The fourth trait to bear in mind is your lawyer’s track record. Sometimes winning a case against impossible odds can demonstrate the lawyer’s innate ability to gain a positive result in the face of adversity. A lost case isn’t a representation of a lawyer, there will of course be times that they may be defending a guilty party, or unfortunate circumstances may have dictated the outcome of their previous cases, but making sure to double check your lawyer’s track record will give you an idea of their rate of success and abilities.

Finally, gaining an understanding of your lawyer’s level of expertise in the subject of your case is a must and possibly the most important trait to look for in any lawyer. Whether your case is particularly complex or a standard situation, you will want your lawyer to be able to identify, evaluate and progress your case however necessary to achieve the best results possible. Your chances of experiencing a favorable outcome will be a lot more likely if your lawyer is experienced in dealing with similar instances and situations.

Fortunately, if you are looking for a highly qualified attorney in Medford MA that fulfils all of the above, then you’ve come to the right place.

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