Five Rules for Finding an Affordable Attorney

Need an affordable attorney Aedford MA? Choosing an attorney can be difficult, especially if you’ve never needed one before and don’t have unlimited financial resources. Here are five simple steps to help you find an affordable attorney that will suit your needs.
1. Remember that a cheap lawyer can be expensive in the long run. If your attorney doesn’t meet your needs, he isn’t worth a dime. Make sure you choose an attorney who is reputable. If possible, seek out individuals who can provide a direct referral. Also, choose a lawyer who has expertise and experience in the area of your specific problem. If he doesn’t, he may not be reasonable at any price. Of course, it’s essential that your lawyer has passed the bar and is licensed to practice law in MA. Also, he must be a graduate of an accredited law school.
2. Find out HOW your lawyer charges. If you need an affordable attorney Aedford MA, you need to educate yourself about how lawyers get paid. The options are hourly fees, contingent fees, and flat fees.
Basic explanations of each of these options are as follows:
An hourly fee is exactly what it sounds like: you pay by the hour. Hourly rates are commonly used by divorce lawyers, in custody cases, and in negotiating settlements. A low hourly fee isn’t necessarily the most affordable choice. The length of your case is ultimately unpredictable and only partially in your control. Always remember that a cheap lawyer is often expensive.
If an attorney has contingent fees, the amount of money he makes is based on the money recovered on your behalf. Contingent fees are common in personal injury and worker’s compensation claims. There is no risk of paying for a bad lawyer here, because you pay nothing upfront other than, in some circumstances, an initial consultation fee. However, there is a risk of a bad lawyer losing your case.
A flat fee is generally used in simple, straightforward cases such as personal bankruptcy or preparing a will. Go for the lowest flat fee offered by a well-regarded expert in the area of your problem. A flat fee may be in excellent option for you if your case is straightforward, as you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay. This option eliminates fears of an hourly fee, low as it may be, growing too large for you to handle.
3. Make an effort, and ask perspective lawyers questions. Once you’ve located an affordable attorney Aedford MA, give him a call and make sure he can meet your needs. Describe the basic details of the case and make sure he is interested in the case and has a plan of action. Find out how many cases similar to yours he has handled, and how he’ll approach your problem. Ask if he charges an hourly, contingent, or flat fee, and if there is a charge for an initial consultation.
4. Know what is never acceptable. Lying, lack of complete confidentiality, and lack of responsiveness are something you cannot allow. Your lawyer should be honest, keep your case confidential, and respond to your calls and emails within a reasonable period of time. You can certainly find an honest, confidential, responsive, and affordable attorney Aedford MA.
5. You absolutely MUST ensure that your attorney provides you with a written fee agreement.

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