After my Ex-husband and I decided that we could no longer stay together, I decided it was time to lawyer up and ensure my 2 kids and I were not left stranded. I live in Medford so the first thing I did was get on my computer and Google divorce lawyer Medford MA. I was got a long list of lawyers with great recommendation but I simply could not decide how to settle on one so I called my best friend who had also gone through a divorce. She gave me a reference to the best lawyer Medford MA had (according to her) who had handled her case and assured me that he was the best in town.

I immediately called, and the first thing I realized was that he was extremely professional. He picked up call himself and organized a meeting for the next day at To be honest, this really shocked me as I expected to get a later date as he is one of the best divorce lawyer, Medford MA has. His responsiveness made me feel that he my case was important and he was not too busy for me. This is something you definitely want in a lawyer.

When I arrived at his office the next morning, he was very welcoming and he listened without interrupting until I was done. He then went ahead to ask me specific details and assure me that any information I disclosed to him was safe under client privilege. He was very attentive to the specific details of my case and did not attempt to classify my case until he was sure of all the detail. This impressed me very much and I began to understand why he came so highly recommended. One of thing I really appreciated about him was the fact that he was very compassionate regardless of the fact that he must have been working on 20 other similar cases. I really needed a lawyer who did not just listen to me but understood my case, and sympathized because he would be able to defend me better.

He asked me questions about the assets we had, any liabilities, our monthly expenses, if we had agreed on custody of the kids, our combined income (at first I thought he was asking so that he would be justified when he overcharged me, but turns out he just wanted to determine child support and alimony figures) and then asked me how I felt. How many lawyers care to ask you how I felt? I wanted to breakdown but I managed to mumble that I was doing fine. Before I left his office, I asked about his rates and payment plans. I already had a figure in my mind that I had decided I would not go above regardless how good he was. I was pleasantly shocked when he quoted a figure that was actually lower than what I had thought (granted I had really quoted a high figure but it was still a relief to hear he was charging lower.

I expected the whole thing to be a nightmare (and it was) but I was glad I had the best lawyer Medford MA could afford on my side. We eventually settled on joint custody of the kids, I got the Florida Condo, my floral shop and most of our household furniture. I don’t think I could have gotten through that ordeal without my lawyer.